Update Zoom API key to the NEW method (from Sept 1st, 2023)

Zoom has deprecated (retired) their old method of connecting websites to their App, which was called JWT and they want you to change to a new method called Server-to-server OAuth.

If you log into the Zoom marketplace screen https://marketplace.zoom.us/ you might see a message like this:

In the BabelTEQ Bookings / Settings / Integrations panel you may also see something like this:

To continue using the automatic Zoom links for student bookings, you will need to do the following ASAP:

Log in to the Zoom Marketplace https://marketplace.zoom.us/

In the top right corner click on the “Develop / Build App” links.

Watch the video below to understand all the steps to create a new set of API keys (no audio).

Follow all the prompts to create the Server-to-server OAuth app and update the API keys on your BabelTEQ Bookings / Settings / Integrations / Zoom screen.

DON’T FORGET to toggle on the Enable Server-to-server OAuth setting!

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