How Can A Student Cancel A Lesson?

When a student cancels a stand alone lesson through their Customer Panel, it simply shows as “Canceled”. It is up to you how you deal with any finances that may or may not be impacted i.e. you can refund in full or in part via your payment gateway dashboard.

However, in the case of a “Lesson Package”, students can either reschedule the lesson OR cancel the lesson and rebook at another time (within the Package expiration period).

When a customer who has purchased a Package logs into their Customer Panel, they should see a screen such as this. In order to reschedule or cancel, they need to click on the “Back to appointments” link.

On the next screen they should see a pencil icon next to any future appointments (obviously not the case for appointments in the past).

They have the option to either reschedule or cancel.

If they reschedule the lesson it will simply appear at the new date and time. If they cancel the lesson, it will be added back to the number of appointments yet to be booked.

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