How to Sell Packages of Lessons

One of the best ways to increase your income and scale your business is by selling “packages” of lessons i.e. a “bulk offer” of 10, 15, 20 or however many lessons. You can offer a discount to sweeten the deal for your potential clients, compared to booking and paying for each lesson individually.

When students purchase a “package” they can book those lessons through their Customer Panel until those prepaid lessons are all taken. You can set an expiry date on the package so that a client must use all their lessons with 3 months, for example.

Each time a student books a lesson through their Customer Panel, a unique Zoom link is generated for you, as the teacher (and Zoom host) and for them as the student.

In the Customer Panel they can also cancel or reschedule bookings, depending on what your terms of service say.

NOTE: In the video I use the shortcode “ameliabookings show=packages” which is fine in the example since we only have ONE package.

But if you have multiple packages, this shortcode will first ask the customer to select from a dropdown choice of all available packages.

Most teachers will probably want to offer just ONE package per landing page. So in that case the correct shortcode is “ameliabooking service=ID show=packages” for example if you have a lesson with a Service ID of 7, which you are selling as a package of 10 lessons, you would use “ameliabooking service=7 show=packages” .

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