Get B2B Clients for Your ESL Business

Zoom Workshop on How to Find and Sign Up Corporate Clients (bulk student contracts)

90 Minutes / $US 60

Perfect for:

ESL teachers who focus on Business English

Language coaches who are tired of the daily sales and marketing grind which comes with finding individual students

Freelancers want to scale up their business to sustainable levels

English tutors who want to find reliable, repeat income sources

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You just need an email account and a major credit card.



The workshop was very informative and gave specific actions and resources I can take to start targeting companies right away. Also, I liked that it was interactive and I could ask questions throughout.



The topic was important as it is an area of my business that I have been unsuccessful. I have been approached by companies but never converted to a client. I found the workshop great value and very informative. It covered everything from gaining leads to sales and conversion.



I really liked all the workshop. It was well structured, and covered a lot of useful information. Paul explained with clear steps and examples how to get B2B clients, and what I liked most was that it was practical information I can implement right away.

Workshop Topics:

Why B2B clients are a "game changer" for your business

How to find suitable target companies to approach

How to prepare a winning "pitch"

Digital assets you will need to prepare

How to handle questions during the signing up phase

How to "close" the deal

How to ensure repeat B2B business

About Me:

I have more than a decade experience helping small business entrepreneurs with their web strategy and marketing plans. I have also taught more than 10,000 ESL lessons to adult English learners in Japan where I live. So I believe I am uniquely qualified to help you on your journey.

I want to help you build the independent, sustainable and PROFITABLE freelance teaching career you deserve.

Paul Sallaway.
Founder & Owner, BabelTEQ

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