World Literacy Foundation Support

The World Literacy Foundation (WLF) is a global not-for-profit that works to lift young people out of poverty through literacy. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, the World Literacy Foundation operates on the principle that education is a basic human right. It aims to eradicate global illiteracy through the promotion of literacy, the provision of educational resources and raising teaching educational standards.

WLF volunteers and partner communities have worked in Azerbaijan, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Mozambique, Uganda, and other developing countries to provide access to quality education and learning resources to disadvantaged communities. It has also provided free books and literacy support to disadvantaged children in Australia, the UK and the USA.

The Sun Books Project

In Uganda, where many people live in poverty and only 27% of the population has electricity, the World Literacy Foundation has donated solar powered tablets. Paired with the Sun Books initiative, the World Literacy Foundation is not just donating resources but also training to teachers at the primary school level on how to use these resources effectively. The solar powered tablets come preloaded with digital learning content and multilingual e-books.

BabelTEQ is a proud patron of the World Literacy Foundation and their mission to eliminate world illiteracy by 2040.

Paul Sallaway.
Founder & Owner, BabelTEQ


International Literacy Day 2022

Thursday, September 8th
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