How to Use the “Send Me an Invoice” Payment Option

There are many cases where you don’t necessarily want your students to pay via PayPal or Stripe in your checkout. For example you might want to just take the booking and then follow them up with a manual invoice from your Stripe Dashboard, your Payoneer account, or give them instructions to pay you via a bank transfer. In those cases, you can use the “Send me an invoice” payment option on the BabelTEQ booking calendar.

In the video I explain how it “might” be necessary to add the following block of CSS code to pages where your Booking Calendar is displayed. Just copy and paste as demonstrated in the video.

.am-payment-buttons-wrapper .el-form-item__content button:nth-of-type(1) .am-payment-button-inner {
  display:none !important;
} /* Removes the 'Onsite' text */

.am-payment-buttons-wrapper .el-form-item__content button:nth-of-type(1)::before {
  content: "Send me an invoice" !important;
} /* Replacement text */

.am-payment-buttons-wrapper .el-form-item__content .am-payment-button {
  width: 160px !important;
} /* Formatting */
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