5 Predictions for the ESL Market in 2022

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The last 2 years have been nothing short of turbulent for the global online ESL market, first with the COVID pandemic and then with the shut down of several big platform companies in China.

In this episode I make some predictions about trends which will impact independent online teachers in 2022 and how they can profit from them.

Podcast episode guests which are mentioned:
Minji Xu – Can I Still Teach ESL to Kids in China?
Chris Rush – How to Get B2B Clients for Your ESL Business
Tara Cull – How to Start a Podcast for Your ESL Students
James Green – Online Teachers and Imposter Syndrome
Joanne Kaminski – Instagram Marketing for ESL Teachers
Leah Sparrow – The Online Teacher’s Facebook Ads Blueprint

Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

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