7 Reasons Why ESL Coaches Should Do Email Marketing

I recently had a live interview with Leah Sparrow about email marketing and why every small business should be doing it. Watch it here:

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4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why ESL Coaches Should Do Email Marketing”

    1. Thanks, Claire. And just a reminder that I have a course on Email Marketing for Teacherpreneurs. Link is in the post.

  1. Hey Paul,

    Great content! Just wondering about your course, do you go into how to add real value in your emails? I currently have an email list and send regular emails. But I haven’t really seen much return on the effort. I assume that I am not really getting the tone right etc. i would love to know if you touch on this in your course?

    1. Hi Kirsten,

      The course covers more the mechanics of how to set up your email marketing channel effectively.

      Writing email marketing copy, and sales copy generally, is a big topic in it’s own right.

      I’m probably going to release another course later in the year around landing page optimization and the art of sales copy will be a big part of that.

      The first thing I would say, is people often take multiple touch points before they commit to buying anything. So it’s hard to immediately judge whether your email marketing efforts are successful or not.

      The data which you CAN use as a KPI is your email click through rate (CTR), the number of people who are clicking links within your email.

      BTW your email should always have a clear call to action, usually a button or a link which brings them back to your website.

      Another metric which you can check, although it is less reliable, is the email “open rate”.

      So it can be a process of trial and error to find email subject lines and email body text which converts consistently. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that can help on those fronts.

      Last point, I highly recommend the free MailChimp App. It gives a quick and easy way to keep track of all your campaigns and subscribers.

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