Sales Tips for ESL Teachers – Interview with Robbie Kane

If you are like the majority of independent teachers, I’m going to guess that you feel uncomfortable about the prospect of “sales calls” with clients.

Maybe you believe that as a teacher, trainer or coach, “selling” is something completely outside your wheelhouse, something you’d prefer NOT to do at all, if that were possible.

And yet, anyone who is engaged in selling a personal service needs to recognize that there IS a requirement to convert “interested prospects” into “paying clients” in order to have a sustainable business.

So, is there a way to approach sales that doesn’t make us feel “salesy” when interacting with clients?

Is there a way to discuss what we charge with clients in manner that doesn’t create a feeling of awkwardness?

Today, we are going to learn about how to tackle “selling” with a whole different mindset. We’ll discuss how to interact with clients using an approach that achieves our business objectives but doesn’t compromise our values or integrity.

My guest today has a personal mission to help teachers make MORE money, work FEWER hours, and enjoy freedom.

He is Robbie Kane, Chief Marketing Officer of Bowie Strategy, working with James Liu.

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