Facebook Campaign Basics for ESL Teachers – Interview With Leah Sparrow

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The best landing pages in the world aren’t going to do a THING if nobody ever sees them. So how do you get web traffic to come into your ESL student funnel?

Sure, you can spend hours posting, commenting, and direct messaging on social media. But the problem is that none of that activity scales very well.

So how DO you get hundreds or even thousands of qualified sales prospects into your email inbox quickly? 

In this interview I talk with Leah Sparrow about The Online Teacher Facebook Ads Blueprint (TOTFAB), and about her FREE challenge program.

She describes how she helped one of her TOTFAB clients to get 164 student signups in just four months for a total advertising spend of $US 339 – using Facebook ads.

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Get in touch with Leah through the following links:

Creating the Student Journey” – FREE PDF

Online Teacher Support and Training Facebook Group

The Online Teacher Facebook Ads Blueprint SIGN UP

Leah Sparrow Facebook Page

Leah Sparrow YouTube

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