Changes Coming to Facebook Ads for Freelance ESL Teachers

Apple and Facebook are locking horns.

This podcast examines how the planned iOS privacy updates will impact on the Facebook Ad platform.

Any ESL teachers who are currently relying on FB Ads need to understand what is happening and how Apple’s privacy changes will affect them.

I list three of the ways that your Ad strategy will be impacted and suggest three things you should do to prepare your business.


Thanks for listening in this year of turbulence.

Happy New Year!

See you in 2021.

Facebook Business News Blog Post about the Apple iOS14 privacy update.

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1 thought on “Changes Coming to Facebook Ads for Freelance ESL Teachers”

  1. As promised, here is some feedback from a recent Facebook Ads training which I attended.
    1) Following on from Apple’s iOS 14 update to its privacy settings, Facebook now requires its advertisers to show ownership of any domain that they run adverts to.
    There are three ways you can do this, but probably the easiest way will be to upload a small html file to the root directory of your website host.
    2) Email marketing will become even more important. Since Facebook’s retargeting capabilities will degrade over time, it becomes essential to build your customer mailing list. Every business, large and small, should be building a list of customer contacts so that you can retarget interested prospects directly with your offers.

    A side benefit of having a decent sized email list (1000+ names) is that Facebook will allow you to upload the list and create a “look-alike” audience for your Ads campaigns i.e. a custom audience of potentially many thousands of lead targets who have similar behaviors and preferences to the people on your mailing list.

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