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Perfect for:

ESL professionals who feel frustrated with the process of getting students

Language coaches who are disappointed with what they can charge

Tutors who feel burned out and want a more efficient way to earn income

Independent teachers who are overwhelmed by social media

Teacherpreneurs who lack confidence with managing technology

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After you reserve a place in the webinar you will receive a link to join through your web browser (Zoom not required). You can even attend on your smartphone or tablet device.

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Seattle - Tues 12AM, 20th Dec 2022
Denver - Tues 1AM, 20th Dec 2022
Chicago - Tues 2AM, 20th DEC 2022
New York - Tues 3AM, 20th DEC 2022
London - Tues 8AM, 20th DEC 2022
Madrid - Tues 9AM, 20th DEC 2022
Vienna - Tues 9AM, 20th DEC 2022
Cape Town - Tues 10AM, 20th DEC 2022
Athens - Tues 10AM, 20th DEC 2022
Bangkok - Tues 3PM, 20th DEC 2022
Denpasar - Tues 4PM, 20th DEC 2022
Tokyo - Tues 5PM, 20th DEC 2022
Sydney - Tues 7PM, 20th DEC 2022
Auckland - Tues 9PM, 20th DEC 2022

Webinar Topics:

What is a "student funnel website"?

How does it help me to get MORE STUDENTS?

How does it help me to CHARGE HIGHER RATES?

What do I get with my BabelTEQ student funnel website?

How much money do I save by choosing BabelTEQ?

What other benefits are packaged into a BabelTEQ subscription?

SURPRISE BONUS! (registered attendees only)

About Me:

I have more than a decade experience helping small business entrepreneurs with their web strategy and marketing plans. I have also taught more than 10,000 ESL lessons to adult English learners in Japan where I live. So I am uniquely qualified to help you on your journey.

I want to help you build the independent, sustainable and PROFITABLE freelance teaching career you deserve.

Paul Sallaway.
Founder & Owner, BabelTEQ



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