BabelTEQ Monthly Subscription Changes

TL;DR From today, the price of BabelTEQ subscriptions has increased. The two available subscription choices are PREMIUM ($US 35 / mth) and BUDGET ($US 19 / mth). If you were on the fence about creating an account and feel disappointed, then please read to the end of the post as I have a special offer for you.

Anyone who is on an existing BabelTEQ plan is grandfathered in at their existing subscription. They won’t see any change in billing arrangements.

When I launched BabelTEQ to the public in January of 2021, I did so with the goal of helping language training professionals who wanted to break free from companies and go truly independent.

To be honest, at the time I wasn’t sure how much demand there would be, but the response so far has been amazing. I have discovered that people of all ages and backgrounds are grasping the opportunities which modern technology offers in order to independently sell their services to global audiences.

So having completed the first stage of my own business journey, it’s now time to look to the future, plan what I want to BabelTEQ to become and offer a roadmap for how it can be not just a business tool, but transformative experience for independent online language coaches.

I hope everyone understands that in order to maintain a sustainable business and continue investing in new features and infrastructure, it’s necessary to increase BabelTEQ’s revenue base. I want to say to my existing clients, I do appreciate your loyalty and thank you for your continued support. I hope that you will be delighted by future value-added updates to the BabelTEQ experience.

What’s changed?

Recently we consolidated the two “Premium” plans into a single plan. This makes the differences between monthly plans easier to understand and it streamlines the support process. Win-win.

But it wouldn’t be fair to increase prices without adding some additional features and benefits, which is what I’ve done. Here are some of the features, with more to come in the following months.

Home Page Template – Whilst I have always emphasized that the most important web page for any business owner is the “landing page” that supports their marketing campaign, I appreciate that many online teachers also want a generic “home” page. A great home page will give an overview of what you offer, builds trust with first time visitors, and provides the next logical step which you want potential clients to take. In a sense, your home page is your portal to every part of your website.

I’ve added generic home page templates for all website templates.

Instagram Bio Link Landing Page – Instagram gives us just ONE link to drive traffic back to our website. But what if we’ve got content all over the web that we would like to inform our Instagram followers about? What if we’ve got a YouTube channel? A Facebook Page? A LinkedIn profile? How do we entice our social media fans to sign up for the free PDF we are offering as part of an email marketing campaign? How do we temp them to visit our blog posts? How do you achieve all that with a single bio link?

Well the answer for most people has been to use a dedicated Instagram Landing page tool like LinkTree. They have a pretty “vanilla” looking free version, which includes their own branding or you can pay $US 6 / mth for their PRO plan.

But now you can keep that $6 in your pocket. The new BabelTEQ teacher website templates include dedicated Instagram landing pages that you can customize with your own portfolio of social media menu, email lead magnet offer and more.

Private Courses and Group Courses Pages – If you want to scale your business (and don’t we all!) then you won’t get very far by selling lessons week by week. What you should be doing instead is either selling a package course (as a block of 10 or 20 lessons private lessons) or getting your students to commit to joining group event sessions. Now you can do both with ready-made landing page templates included in all Premium Plan websites.

Done for You (DFY) Calendar Setup – We have a pretty extensive video tutorial library which explains everything you need to do in order to set up your Lesson Booking calendar. Most clients manage to work it out. It’s not technically difficult, but because the whole business of appointment management IS complex, there are lot of things that have to be configured. It’s the nature of the beast. You need to consider your available hours, setting prices, setting booking rules, cancellation rules, payment methods, and more.

So in order to reduce the “overwhelm” factor and get you up and running faster, BabelTEQ now has the option of letting us set up your calendar for you. Of course, you’ll still need to manage your appointments, clients and availability yourself, but the initial setup will be taken care of.

More Font Options – Until now we’ve been a bit cautious about offering more than basic system font choices. But life’s too short to be stuck with Arial and Helvetica. Now it’s possible to choose font pairings for your headings and body text from the entire Google font library. Let your imagination run wild!

There is also the option to download your chosen fonts locally, which has performance improvement benefits and other advantages.

Cookie Policy Page and Cookie Opt-In Popup – We all know those popups that ask us if we love cookies. Not the chocolate chip and glass of cold milk kind. I’m talking about the little bits of code that websites add to your browser to keep track of things. Governments around the world have been prompted by citizenry who are rightly concerned about privacy issues to pass laws that put a transparency onus on website owners. Depending on which part of the world you are targeting with your website and where you are based, these can be important compliance responsibilities.

In order to relieve you of much of that burden, BabelTEQ uses an industry best practice cookie policy wizard which automatically generates your Cookie Policy and opt-in popup.

Auto-Translate Widget – If you are operating in a niche with a truly global audience, it would be impractical to manually translate your whole website into dozens of languages. Instead, using the magic of Google AI, all BabelTEQ websites include a Google Translate widget which will translate your web pages into whichever language your visitor selects from a dropdown list of options. More than one hundred language options are available, including all the major world languages.

The auto-translate widget has always been there, but now it’s possible for you, the website owner, to decide which language options you need to include.

Website Setup Audit – Think of the Ikea Store. You buy the furniture, read the instructions, then you assemble that dining table set by yourself. Most of your BabelTEQ site will be like that, where you get to use the templates as a starting point to DIY your own brand experience.

But sometimes you don’t want Ikea. Sometimes you just want somebody to assemble the woodwork and hand you the finished product. That’s what the Calendar Setup Service described above is very much like.

And sometimes, you’d like to have a skilled craftsman mentor you in how to make stuff, so you can do better by yourself in the future. That’s what BabelTEQ also offers. Within 30 days of creating your BabelTEQ account, you have the opportunity to book a website audit call to have myself or a support staff do a walkthrough of your website and suggest ways you could make it better. We’ll also check your integrations are working as intended.

50% Lifetime Discount

I mentioned at the beginning of the article that I have a special offer. If you sign up before the end of October 2021, for either a Premium Plan or a Budget Plan, you can lock in 50% saving on your monthly subscription.

To do so, visit the BabelTEQ Homepage, click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT, then CHOOSE A PLAN. Or alternatively you can just go directly to the plan selection page.

After you click on one of the “Get Started” links, you’ll be given a choice of website templates.

Choose the one best suited to your business niche and follow the prompts.

When you get to the “Account Details” screen, use the coupon code 50PERCENT.

Please wait 30 seconds or so while your website gets created.

Then, to complete the process you will need to log in and create a monthly billing subscription with a valid credit card.

When your card is processed you will arrive at your account page where you can click on the link dashboard to see my welcome video.

Congratulations. You are ready to start branding your own website!


My roadmap for the future is to keep improving the platform and adding more value. I want customers to be happy and loyal. To get value from being a part of The Tribe.

In the coming months I have a couple more service offers which I think are going to make a big difference for every client.

Thank you again. Stay safe.

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