Hands-On Support Request (Min. 3 hrs / $US 180)

It's perfectly understandable that not everybody feels comfortable with technology.

And it's quite normal to feel overwhelmed if this is your first time to manage your own website.

At BabelTEQ we try to lower the barrier by:
- Providing starter templates ready for you to edit
- Offering a lot of DONE FOR YOU set up support
- A "getting started" checklist of items
- Email support tickets (use the "Need a hand?" widget)
- Video Training
- An extensive Knowledgebase Library

But there will be some clients who still feel that either:
a) it's all too much to digest
b) they simply don't have the time to update their site

In this case, we would like to offer you a new service - Hands-On Support.

For a minimum purchase of 3 support hours, you will be assigned a virtual assistant (VA), well versed in the BabelTEQ platform who can help you to update your site images, testimonials, video links, and page copy. Time permitting, you can even ask them to perform minor design edits like adding a new page or changing fonts, colors.

NOTE: You will still need to do some work with organizing your own content before your VA is able to help you e.g. you will still need to organize photos, and the sales copy for every page.

To book some Hands-On Support, simply complete the form below and we will send you an invoice.

Once the invoice is paid, you'll be connected with your VA who will discuss what changes you want to make and what content they will be required to use.

Hands-On Support Time Request

  • You should expect to receive an invoice within 24 hours. Once the invoice is paid, we will create share with you the email contact for your virtual assistant and you can begin discussing the scope of work with them.

    IMPORTANT: Communication time counts toward your total "time budget" so it is best if you organize carefully.

    Check your inbox and/or Gmail promotions tab for mail from SuiteDash CRM.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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