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If you are an independent online ESL instructor, working hard to build a solo freelance career, I made this site for you.

I created this platform in response to numerous stories of online language instructors who were unhappy with their current employment situation but were struggling to achieve real online independence.


Not everyone has a $600 to $3000 bucks with which to hire a website developer. And not everyone has the time or inclination to go through the learning curve of redesigning generic templates on a page builder platform.

I wanted to create a place, where independent minded ESL teachers could quickly get up and running for a monthly subscription (or at most, a low start up fee).

I know full well that when launching a business, it's tough enough to deal with all the other aspects, like finding customers, organizing curriculum and so on.

Creating your online sales funnel should be as quick and painless as possible, so that you can nurture and grow your business FROM DAY ONE.

I have more than a decade experience helping small entrepreneurs with their web strategy and marketing plans. I have also taught more than 10,000 ESL lessons to adult English learners in Japan where I live. So I believe I am uniquely qualified to help you on your journey.

I want to help you build the independent, sustainable and PROFITABLE freelance teaching career you deserve.


Paul Sallaway.
Founder & Owner, BabelTEQ

"Paul has been a blessing in my Facebook group as he's always been active, providing legendary advice in relation to online marketing and sales mainly. I challenge you to put his rock solid information to good use as you'll reap the rewards afterwards." - Rich Tweten, Online Language Teachers - Independent, Fulfilled & High Paid (FB Group Admin)

Online Language Teachers - Independent, Fulfilled & HIGH Paid!

"Paul has been a smart, attentive, and dependable superhero on my journey as a small education-based service provider. His expertise & knowledge base presented with humble simplicity is mind-blowing at times." - Zsuzsanna Bekesi Smith, Teach & Thrive Online - Successful Online Educators (FB Group Admin)

Teach & Thrive Online - Successful Online Educators

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