50 Online ESL Companies Compared

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Our goal here at BabelTEQ is to help and encourage online teachers to establish their own successful freelance teaching business.

Nevertheless, if you are new to online language instruction, getting some experience with one or more of the established ESL companies could be beneficial. Think of it as ESL Boot Camp!

Furthermore, while you are getting your own business started, its a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket. It coud lead you to accepting the wrong kind of clients i.e. students who don’t match your target niche. There are also a lot of stresses and challenges involved in launching a new business endeavor and adding financial pressures into the mix isn’t generally a good idea. 😅

Given that there are so many online ESL companies to choose from, I thought it best to compile a table of 50 of the most “popular” ones into an easy comparison chart. You can sort the data, filter it by a keyword and so on. Also, don’t forget to click the “plus” button to see more information about each company.

DISCLAIMER: The data in this chart is taken pretty much “verbatim” from OETJobs.com website. I have no opinion one way or the other about any of these companies, and the “Summary” comments belong to OETJobs.com, not myself or BabelTEQ. So if you have a dispute about the veracity or consistency of anything here, feel free to take it up with OETJobs. 😉

NOTES: In some cases, where it says “No” TEFL required, the company may indicate that they expect you to get one within a given period of time, or go through an internal training program equivalent (VIPKids?). Most companies will generally give preference to applicants who have a TEFL, even if its not a strict requirement. Finally, where the Bachelor Degree requirement is marked as “unnecessary” the company may still indicate that they are looking for college students who are in the process of completing a degree. In all cases its best to check what additional information is available on the OETJobs page.

Just a reminder that the data for this table has been taken from OETJobs listings so if your favorite company isn’t in the list it’s probably because they weren’t part of the original data set. OutSchool is a notable exclusion from the table, possibly because they are relatively new and cover a lot of educational fields, not just ESL.

If there are any errors that you would like me to correct, I can do so if you provide a link to credible data sources. Leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “50 Online ESL Companies Compared”

  1. Hello, I am relocating to Okinawa! I have an EdD in Educational Leadership, TEFL. TESOL IELTS Certifications. I need.SOFA & Housing allowance. I have 12+ years teaching as a Professor for Seminole State College: classroom & Chamberlain University as an online Professor: Managerial Accounting. Thanking you in advance for your suggestions.

    1. To be honest I think you are way overqualified for any of the companies on this list, but go ahead and reach out to whichever of them you like. If I were you I would approach all the local Okinawa universities directly. They sometimes need instructors for University English classes. I have heard the pay is decent.

  2. I don’t understand how to actually see the chart!!! There’s just a small search function. No drop-down menu and no chart.

    1. Sorry, Nicole. You should be able to see the table now.
      Having some page caching issues. Hopefully those will be permanently addressed in the next day or two.

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